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I've been fiddling with computers most of my life. I tend to have many personal projects going on all the time; sometimes I never get them finished. That's how it works when you have a broad scope of interest on everything. 
I have many interests ranging from radio-controlled machines, astronomy, taking photographs, drumming, doing programming and everything related to Unix-like systems. Much of my time is invested in any of these areas; admittetly mostly in programming. 
I have touched many areas during my computer adventures–like general software development, web development, development on various devices such as the Nintendo DS, Android-based devices and other flavors of embedded systems. My main traits, in programming, are situated in Java and C–although it must be stated that I am pretty versatile in this field. I also have skills in the Unix-like domain; extensive experience and knowledge about the components of the system as well as maintenance/deployment aspects.
For more information about me read my CV.
If you want to contact me you can head over to the contact page
Wanna support my late night coding sessions? Send me some satoshis at 1E4hV3CoqJyLi4SoyXDr6muYnnWnY1KnELether at 0x004cfeee04C4F3957B53421C16212f6963979Df8 or litoshis at LSq3h6KmcbfDB1nJbqFaF5TGJFYfBiKb7b.

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