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I own a couple of RC machinas. In this section of my page you will be able to read about my RC adventures -- which, for the most part, are fun and plentyful.

Some flying... and then... death of a Twinstar
17/2/2011 Filed in: RC stuff

It was a beautiful day to do some FPV flying. We headed out and set everything up.

On the last flight our Twinstar lost its wings due to a failing wing-mount. The Twinstar dumped straight from the sky without wings and was ultimately completely smashed. Some parts were salvaged, but the batteries were done -- they were smoking when we arrived at the crash-site. The Twinstar body was completely destroyed, but video transmitter, camera, 2 servos and both engines (one of the engines rod/shaft were broken) were OK.

We'll now begin to rebuild our Twinstar, and we'll surely reinforce the mount holding the wings! ;)

Video is directly from the video transmission feed.

New RC adventures!
23/1/2011 Filed in: RC stuff

It has been a long time since I've updated this section, but now it is the time!

 I've been busy with a lot of stuff, but today, a friend and myself had a excelent FPV flight. We will soon release a video-feature containing our latest flights. All the flights take place on the north-eastern side of Zealand, Denmark outwards to the coast of Sweden. Todays flight was a high and low mission --  we got to some very extreme heights, and then played around close to the ground later on. 

Here is a screen capture from our flight. This is the right side of Zealand -- the side outwards to the Swedish coastline.
Here is a screen capture from our flight. This is the right side of Zealand -- the side outwards to the Swedish coastline.

  UPDATE! Now with video;

The flight took place on the north-eastern side of Zealand, Denmark outwards to the coast of Sweden. The failed takeoffs, at the end of the video, happened because of the motors running out of sync.

Old stuff
26/8/2010 Filed in: RC stuff

I found these old videos of my brother and myself racing with my Kyosho Inforno 7.5. These 2 videos are 4 years old or so, ya, I know, it's pretty old stuff.

I hope you enjoy them!

Twinstar II; First FPV flight
17/7/2010 Filed in: RC stuff

About a month ago or so a friend and myself recorded our first FPV flight video. This video was done by having an onboard digital camcorder on our RC plane. Steering was done visually.

Our next step is almost ready -- we have a video radio sender attached to a camera on our RC plane. With this sender we will be steering the plane on ground by looking at a monitor hooked up to a radio video receiver.

The RC plane we're using for this feat is the Twinstar II from Multiplex. This plane can carry an amazing load of gear. 

A little story
11/7/2010 Filed in: RC stuff

I had just bought a beautiful new Extra 300 from Parkzone. It was my third time flying this beauty of an plane. My friend is the proud owner of the F4U Corsair from Parkzone. The weather was almost dead calm. A mate and myself quickly drove to our favorite place to fly -- a large football field with the perfect landing/take-off conditions.

I start my fly-time and everything looks fucking fantastic with vertical take-off and inverted flyby. THEN... after the first inverted flyby the shit hits the fan HARD! I am flying inverted and begin my round back towards myself. I loose the plane behind some trees and shortly after I hear a horrific sound. The plane hits the trees with full speed! My beloved Extra 300 is now gone and I can´t stop thinking about how bad in shape my new broken plane is in. My mate hears the sound... or... he could not fail to notice it... and begins his landing. Upon landing he looses one of his landing wheels -- no sweat -- only for my crashed and long gone plane.

After some searching, around 10 minutes, I spot the cockpit on the ground. Shortly after I realize I am standing in an debris zone. Shortly after my mate discovers my plane a couple of meters up in a tree. He climbs up, he is a fucking master climber, and quickly tells me how bad shape my plane is in. My friend quickly realize that the battery is missing and I begin searching for it. Luckily I find it shortly after... laying a couple of meters in a private garden. It had obviously been thrown out of the plane at impact. My friend takes some pictures of the crash scene... and shortly after we head home. EPIC FAIL.



After I arrive at my home I make some coffee and load up squadronleader, I NEED SOME NEW PARTS!

One day later... my flying mate fixed together my plane -- to my own surprise. With the help of extra foam parts and tape he fixed the fucking plane. What a fucking chap! My friend (the master climber and master of repairs) could not bear the thought of loosing his notorious wingman and therefore he fixed and repaired the plane while I was gone. What a gentleman! I did not even need any new parts other than a new prop.

Here is the final epic masterpeice result after his repairing adventure:

The plane looks even better now with the added vintage look!

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