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(Programming) Projects
I always work on all kinds of weird and fun projects. Some of the projects never finishes, but that is something you can always expect -- I certainly do. I mainly like to program in Java and C. This is a overview of some of my projects.
Remote Touch DS is a client-server based solution that makes it possible to control mouse, keyboard and multimedia playback through a Nintendo DS handheld console. Written in C.

Ophelia mascot Ophelia, the cat! is a media player with MP3 and FLAC support, and integration. Released under GPL.

jeveapi is a library for Java using the EVE Online API.

Tiny Movie Manager (TMM) is a program to keep track of a complete movie collection. Source code freely available!
adblockc is a ultra simple ad-blocker that blocks ads with the use of the /etc/hosts file on *nix systems. Written in C.
 Ether Explorer With Ether Explorer you can easily explore the Ethereum blockchain.

Tv Lige Nu! TV Lige Nu! provides a program-view of selected danish television channels. It has around 20.000 danish users at the moment. An Android application.
 Kotori Live Wallpaper is a living creature on your wallpaper! It is a pet simulator. A Live Wallpaper for Android.
 LesMotion Live Wallpaper Watch beautiful colors flourish on your screen in a never ending motion. A Live Wallpaper for Android.


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