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ionic; hybrid; maybe the new way of doing mobile apps?
5/6/2015 Filed in: Programming

Hello all,

It's been a while since my last post. I'm posting this to tell about my next endeavour. Some of you may have heard about the ionic framework. It is basically a collection of great tools packaged nicely together. Cordova from Apache. Angular from Google. Plus some nice CSS, Javascript and tooling additions made by the ionic team.

Ionic Framework   

My first project will be to reimplement my native Android app TV Lige Nu! with ionic. I will try and steer away from the use of plugins, for utilizing native functionality, although I will need it for stuff like alarm scheduling on Android. Another really awesome adition for CSS and Javascript I will be using is ionic material. This package looks very promising and I can't wait to try it out. It tries, like its name states, to mimic the material design from Google with CSS and Javascript for animations. At last, but not least, I will be using the another webview than what is packaged with Cordova. Crosswalk. A modern chrome webview. This makes for a butterysmooth experience on most Android devices.

This new way of doing apps excites me a lot. Granted for very platform-specific tasks the native way is still, I think, the best way right now. For more basic applications this new way saves a lot of headaches; especially if you are responsible for multiple platforms.

 I will be updating on my progress in the coming weeks. 

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