Tiny Movie Manager, or TMM, will help you manage your movie collection. TMM's goal is to make a small and unbloated movie-manager (compiled version only around 30kb) and all of it with a free sourcecode!
Written in Java.

Easy management of your movies.

Built-in FTP-support: you are able to save/or grab your movie-database to/from a FTP server.

Built-in Internet Movie Database-support: you are able to grab movie-information from imdb.com based on imdb-movie-id.

Movie overview: complete overview of all your movies with search capability.

Movie statistics: view statistics about your movies... as of now includes: total playtime, average playtime.

TMM is written and managed by Tobias W. Kjeldsen. Feel free to contact me on tobias at wkjeldsen.dk for any possible questions.

Latest screendumbs:
(running on Ubuntu-linux)

(running on Windows)

This application was mainly build to serve my own needs, but I've made it available for common use. Sourcecode is available for free and you are able to use it as you like, the only thing I ask for is to leave my comments in the source. Thanks goes to Calvin Tai for his great Ftp Bean library.

Download (zipped packages):

grab latest .jar / grab latest wrapped .exe (outdated) / grab latest source trunk

Builds are multi-cross platform, this means that you are able to run TMM on Linux and Windows. OSX compatibility is not yet fully functional, though you are able to compile sourcecode on your own for OSX support.