Ophelia is a lightweight mediaplayer written in Java. The main goal is(and was) to create a very light and fast mediaplayer with the most wanted features. Current compiled version weigh in at about 400kb. Ophelia works on all platforms with JRE 6.

You can grab the zip or tarball; these archives contain latest source and compiled .jar from the master branch.

Supported features, so far:

Playlist handling with multiple playlists
Last.fm integration; supports audioscrooble
Localization support; english, russian and danish

Features "on the way":

Deeper last.fm integration
Music library management
G15-keyboard support

ophelia on linux

ophelia on vista

Thanks goes to:

ID3-tag support by Jens Vonderheide: http://www.vdheide.de
MP3-decoding by Javazoom Team: http://www.javazoom.net
FLAC-decoding by David R. Robison: http://www.jflac.sourceforge.net
Last.fm API bindings for Java by Janni Kovacs: http://www.u-mass.de/lastfm
Bitcon icons: http://www.somerandomdude.net/srd-projects/bitcons
The Ophelia mascot icon by Troy Dunham: http://troyboydesign.com