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Welcome to my personal hideout

My name is Tobias and I've always messed or had something going on with computers. I use the majority of my time with computers; mostly invested in programming and trying out new ideas. This site functions as a personal hideout and as a place where I present some of my projects.

News/my blog

The Venus transit
7/6/2012 Filed in: News

It has been a while since I last made a post. So here I come!

I watched the Venus transit on the 6th of June and what a great sight it was. I viewed the transition through my Celestron C8-SCT. The pictures aren't the best--mainly because of the atmospheric disturbances at the time and my own tiredness. The transit was from around 4 in the morning to 6.49. So I was up early, and I'm not that kind of type.

Here is one of the shots I got: 

You can also find this one and others in my gallery. Taken through my Celestron C8-SCT with a Canon 1000D camera attached.

My little ad-blocking tool; adblock-c
24/12/2011 Filed in: Programming

First of all, Merry Christmas to whomever is reading this article! ;)

 I hate ads, and only tend to enable them on pages I use frequently (to support the page). I've been using various ad-block extensions/plugins with the browsers I use--I only use Chromium for the time being. I like the extensions, but with Chrome the ad-block extension does not actually remove the ads--it only hides them--fair enough you may say, but I like not using bandwidth on ads or material I never actually see. Therefore you can go back to use your machines /etc/hosts file. This is actually much better, because you can then "blacklist" the domains that hosts the ads; affectively never using bandwidth from these domains/hosts. This is easy, you just add the hosts to your /etc/hosts file and set their pointing IP-address to your localhost... problem solved. This is tiresome to do manually because there are so many different hosts handling ads. Therefore I decided to write a little tool. I made the tool in C, rather than a shell-script, this is because I like C, simple as that.

The C program grabs ad-block hosts lists that are provided by third-party providers that frequently updates these lists--you can also add addional ad-block hosts sources to a file yourself and then fetch this file to the program. The C program then merge these hosts to your /etc/hosts file... and voila... ads are gone! You can add this program to your crontab and have it update your host-file on a regular basis; ie. every day or week. You are never dependent on a browser extension/plugin after this.

The source is freely available and I invite you to tamper with it as much as you'd want. You can of course just download, and compile it yourself, then use it on your machine.

Please fork it and make changes/additions/fixes, I'd appricate that! Or just give it a spin ;)

Over and out! Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

My new keyboard: Unicomp SpaceSaver 104
30/5/2011 Filed in: News


Time for a new keyboard. I wanted a new keyboard, my old Logitech G15 was just disgusting to look at and a bit worn on some keys. I wanted a new keyboard, but with the old IBM Model M feel; in other words... buckling springs! 

These keyboard are not made by IBM/Lexmark anymore, but I found a company called Unicomp, they are located in the states. Turns out Unicomp bought the rights/patents and tools for building the Model M keyboard; a.k.a buckling spring technology. 

          This keyboard is absolutely amazing, and I do not regret my purchase in any way. It's not exactly the cheapest keyboard -- but I find the price reasonable. All in all, if you are a programmer, or just a person who use a keyboard a lot, then you aught to get yourself a decent keyboard. The buckling spring technology is amazing. Also, the build quality is actually pretty good, it does not look particularly well built, but it is build to last! A tank in disguise. It's a LOUD keyboard, makes the feedback even better, but not in a uncomfortable way in my opinion -- guess I'll hear from my neighbors sooner or later :D

   If you want to make a purchase yourself then you can head over to Unicomp's webstore.  

  Without doubt the best keyboard I've ever used!  

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