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Welcome to my personal hideout

My name is Tobias and I've always messed or had something going on with computers. I use the majority of my time with computers; mostly invested in programming and trying out new ideas. This site functions as a personal hideout and as a place where I present some of my projects.

News/my blog

My new keyboard: Unicomp SpaceSaver 104
30/5/2011 Filed in: News


Time for a new keyboard. I wanted a new keyboard, my old Logitech G15 was just disgusting to look at and a bit worn on some keys. I wanted a new keyboard, but with the old IBM Model M feel; in other words... buckling springs! 

These keyboard are not made by IBM/Lexmark anymore, but I found a company called Unicomp, they are located in the states. Turns out Unicomp bought the rights/patents and tools for building the Model M keyboard; a.k.a buckling spring technology. 

          This keyboard is absolutely amazing, and I do not regret my purchase in any way. It's not exactly the cheapest keyboard -- but I find the price reasonable. All in all, if you are a programmer, or just a person who use a keyboard a lot, then you aught to get yourself a decent keyboard. The buckling spring technology is amazing. Also, the build quality is actually pretty good, it does not look particularly well built, but it is build to last! A tank in disguise. It's a LOUD keyboard, makes the feedback even better, but not in a uncomfortable way in my opinion -- guess I'll hear from my neighbors sooner or later :D

   If you want to make a purchase yourself then you can head over to Unicomp's webstore.  

  Without doubt the best keyboard I've ever used!  

Moved server!
21/4/2011 Filed in: News


 Last weekend I moved server. I am now hosted at Prgmr offers a great VPS service and I'm already in love.

It's worth noting that you get MINIMAL support and need to set everything up yourself -- install os image, configure network and configuring/installing the software you want to use. There is no fancy webinterface like the services of Rackspace and Linode. Prgmr just provide your with a "out of band" console -- which basically means you are able to connect to your server whether is on or off and boot the machine or do whatever you want.

I really like this minimal service, because I like to set everything up myself.

I'm running CentOS and with nginx as a webserver. Fast as hell!


Guess what... I've moved server again! The main reason for this is that prgmr is based in the states--and I'm located in Europe. Therefore I've moved to a host in Netherlands... more specifically: I have been using them for about a week now, and I can't recommend them enough! 

Search and replace; this saved my day!
16/4/2011 Filed in: Programming

Hello all!

I just moved my server, maybe you've noticed that, and my webserver is now nginx! Much faster and uses less memory that Apache.

But to the "nasty" part. I had to replace some strings in some files -- many different places. I did NOT want to manually sit and do search and replace. Because of that I found this way of doing it with a simple command (disclaimer; found a variation of it somewhere on the net).

Here it is;

find ./ -type f -exec sed -i 's/SEARCHTERM/REPLACETERM/g' {} \;

Remember that if you need to search and replace a string with / in it you need to terminate all the / slashes.

This command will recursively move through all folders and replace the searchterm in all files in these folders.

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